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Paul Abraham is born in Switzerland; he completes his graduate studies in Paris, at the Duperre School of Applied Arts in graphic design and at the Decorative Arts. He finishes his training in New York, at the School of Visual Arts, where he takes a course with Art Spiegelman. He then makes career in France as Artistic Director and illustrator for Editions Rivages. Then briefly as a teacher at The Fine Arts School of Fort de France in Martinique. In 1993, he moved to Canada, Montreal. Continuing in the visual communication field, he works as Artistic Director then Filmmaker. In the early 2000s, Paul turns back to painting, an activity that will gradually take the front. In 2008, he has his first solo show at the renowned Joyce Yahouda Gallery of Montreal, with whom he collaborates still today. He has participated at international events such as Art Souterrain, recipient of the Arts and letters Council, he exhibits regularly in Canada. His artworks are part of the Arsenal Contemporary collection, a major Art venue in Montreal. A confirmed professional artist, he is currently working on multimedia projects marrying painting, sculpture and video.



Art in context


2020 show

Once upon a time in Abitibi ...

I have the privilege of exhibiting a retrospective of my work in Remix mode at the Amos exhibition center from mid-January to mid-March. Due to Covid-19 my VOART show in Val d'Or has been postponed to July and August 2020. It is running Now until September 13.

Paul Abraham Artist


WW2 Kamikaze Pilots


Account of my 3 months travel-research in Japan, on the footsteps of the Kamikaze pilots.

Paul Abraham Prints


Giclee and Silkscreen limited edition prints signed by the artist.

Storytelling Exhibition


Website dedicated to the Duo Show of Paul Abraham and Paul Brunet for the 375th anniversary of Montreal Celebrations.


Paul Abraham

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